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My Papers:-

(i) An Introduction to Electrification of Multi Storied Buildings

  (ii) Photonics in Energy Conservation
  (iii) Electrical Safety


(iv) Photonics in Computing Field


(v) Malayalam Unicode Computing - a route map for implementation


(v) Home Lighting

Sharable Files for My Department Friends

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Income Tax Calculation Sheet


Income Tax calculation sheet and Forms - 16 for 2020-21


Income Tax calculation sheet and Forms - 16 for 2019-20


Income Tax calculation sheet and Forms - 16 for 2018-19


Professional Tax


Kerala Municipality profession tax rules 2005


Kerala Panchayath profession tax rules 1996


Exemption from paying professional tax - blind


Exemption from paying professional tax - handicapped


Service Reference Books


Kerala Service Rules I & II


Manual of Office Procedure


Government Servants Conduct Rules, 1960


Kerala State & Subordinate Service Rules 1958


Kerala Civil Service (C. C. A.) Rules 1960



Courts & Procedures


Malayalam Computing  - A Government of Kerala Initiative


Free Online Calculator for Engineers


Free Conversion Tool


English Malayalam Bharana Bhasha Sahayi


Kerala Kaumudi Daily - Thiruvananthapuram Edition


Acrobat Reader-9 - Free






Kerala STD Codes


ISD Codes


Gas Cylinder - Safety points




The Kerala Electricity (Intimation of Accidents) Rules, 2005

  Accident Reporting Form-A (involving human beings)
  Accident Reporting Form-B (involving animals)


CEA (Measures relating to Safety and Electric Supply) Regulations, 2010


The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents & Senior Citizens Act, 2007


Generating Stations & their Capacities in Kerala


How to Protect Your House from Lightning - Guide


The Art & Science of Protective Relaying


Relay Selection Guide


Adjustment Techniques for Electromechanical Relays


GE Application Notes & Papers




Power Factor Correction Capacitors


Ingress Protection Rating


Typical Generator Dimensions


Foundation Earth Electrodes - a short note


Earthing Systems - Basic Constructional Aspects


Tips for Electricity


Electrical Consumption Chart


Motor - Basics


Generator - Basics


Noise Limits for Diesel Generator (DG) Sets (Upto 1000kVA) (Effective from 15.01.2008) - from CPCB


KSEB Safety Manual


Electrical Inspectorate- Electrical Safety Hand Book


Electrical Inspectorate- Electrical Safety Brochure


Download Free Books


Rules & Acts


Kerala Womens Policy, 2009

  Kerala Registration of Marriages (Common) Rules, 2008

Prohibition of Smoking in Public Places Rules, 2008


Kerala Loading and Unloading (Regulation of Wages and Restriction of Unlawful Practices) Act, 2002    -  Hindu News


The Right to Information Act, 2005  -  English  - Malayalam


Lok Ayukta Act for Public servant to submit property statement


Kerala Lok Ayukta (furnishing of property statement) Rules, 1999


Kerala Municipality Building (Amendment) Rules, 2013


Service Matters


Latest Dearness Allowance Order for Kerala Government Employees & Pensioners


Latest Travelling Allowance Order for Kerala Government Employees


Pay Revision Order, 2010 G.O/(P) No.  85/2011/Fin  dated, 26/02/2011


Pay Commission Report, 2010


Pay Revision Order G.O.(P)No. 125/2006/Fin Dated, 17.3. 2006


Pay Revision Order G.O.(P)No. 145/2006/Fin Dated, 25.3. 2006 (Complete Order)


Report of Transfer of Charge (RTC)




Transfer Request




Declaration-Immovable Property Purchase/Disposal




Gazetted Salary Bill - pdf file which can be filled up.


TA Gazetted Bill


GPF salary deduction schedule


SLI-GIS salary deduction schedule


SLI salary deduction schedule


GIS salary deduction schedule


Application for Leave


Property Statement Form-C


GPF Entry Form


GPF Temporary Advance


Non-refundable withdrawals from GPF


Form for conversion of temporary PF Advance to NRA


GPF Account Closure Form


Bill for Withdrawing Amount From GPF


Medical Reimbursement - Application Form


Performance Appraisal (Confidential Report)- Gazetted


Performance Appraisal (Confidential Report)- nonGazetted


Application - for No Objection Certificate to apply for Passport


Malayalam Unicode Computing


Kerala Government Order


Malayalam - Government Site


How to Enable your Computer for Malayalam Unicode?


Malayalam Unicode Fonts


How to type in Malayalam?


Inscript Keyboard Layout


Remington Keyboard Layout


Phonetic Keyboard Layout


Inscript Keyboard Installation


Remington Keyboard Installation


Phonetic Keyboard Installation


Malayalam Unicode Computing - a route map for implementation



e-Governance: How Kerala does IT - released on 08/12/09



Rockmelt Browser


Epic Browser (With Indian Languages)


Fire Fox 3.5.2 for Windows


Google Chrome




Safari 3.2




Instant Messengers


Yahoo Messenger


Google Talk


Rediff Bol 8.0


PDF Reader


Acrobat Reader X (10.0.1)


Foxit Reader 3.1


Bullzip PDF reader


PDF Editor

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