Photonics - My Favourite Subject

Photonics is the science of generating, controlling, and detecting photons. I have done my

post graduation in this field, more specifically; Opto-Electronics & Laser Technology.


Photons are discrete parcels of energy, which have dual nature that of a particle and a wave.

Photonics as a field really began in 1960, with the invention of the laser, 

and the laser diode followed in the 1970s by the development of optical fibers

as a medium for transmitting information using light beams,

  and the Erbium-doped fiber amplifier. These inventions  formed the basis for the 

telecommunications revolution of the late 20th century, and

provided the infrastructure for the internet.

Photonics covers a huge range of science and technology applications, including:

laser manufacturing,

biological and chemical sensing,

medical diagnostics and therapy,

display technology,

optical computing.


Again, a category wise application list of Photonics can be given as follows:-

  Consumer Equipment: Barcode scanner, printer, CD-ROM, VCD, CD player, remote control devices
Telecommunications: Optical fiber communications
Medicine: correction of poor eyesight, removal of port wine stains, laser surgery, surgical endoscopy, tattoo removal
Industry: laser welding, laser cutting, laser etching
Construction: laser levelling, laser range finding, smart structures
Military: IR sensors, Command and Control, Search and Rescue, Mine Laying and Detection

Entertainment: Lasershow, beam effects, holographic art ,

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