About My Education

1 Puthanveettil UP School, Pazhangalam  

My  primary schooling from 1st to 5th standard was in this school. The period is from 1970 to 1975. I could remember some of the teachers as;  Mariamma Teacher (1st std.), Sankaran Sir (Malayalam),  Cherian Sir (Mathematics), Narayanan Sir, Janardhanan Sir,  Chellamma Teacher (Stitching & Craft), Yohannan Sir (Headmaster), etc.

Let me try to recollect some of my friends in the school. My favourite friend in the school was Suresh Babu. He was originally from Ashramam, Kollam. Really he was studying in this school staying in a relative's house near the school. I couldn't meet him after the school. Thankachan & Prasanna(Sister&Brother), Nelson, SIvankutty, Philip, Raju, Sudhakaran (Kanjirakodan), Money, Moni, Babu, Achankunju, etc. are some of the names coming to my mind.

2. Mar Gregarious (M.G) UP School, Perumpuzha  
  Here, finished my 6th & 7th standards. Period is from 1976 to 1977. Some of the teachers coming immediately to my mind are Sarojini Amma Teacher (Malayalam), etc.  
3. Sreekantan Nair Sashtiabdhapoorthi Memorial (S.N.S.M) High School, Elampalloor
  My High School, from 8th to 9th. Completed in March 1980. My Teachers; Joseph Sir (English), Thulaseedharan Pillai Sir (from Perumpuzha) (Malayalam), Janardhanan Sir (Maths), Kushala Teacher (Physics & Chemistry), Sreedevi Teacher (Biology), Krishna Moorthy (from Pazhangalam). Some of my classmates; Latheef, Nazeer, Soharab, Omana Kuttan(2 persons, one from Kureepally and the other from Chemmakadu), Shanavas (from Kureepally), Vinod & Santhosh (brothers) from Punnamukku, Siva Prasad (from Punnamukku), Sivankutty, Sivaraj, Vamadevan, Radhakrishnan (from Kureepally), etc. My tuition was in SNT College, Punnamukku from where I got Rs 500/- cash award for securing first mark in SSLC.  
4. Sree Narayana College (SNC), Kollam
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5. Fatima Matha National College (FMNC), Kollam
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6. Thangal Kunju Musaliar College of Engineering (TKMCE), Kollam
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6. Cochin University of Science & Technology, Kalamassery, Kochi
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