This page is dedicated to my beloved friends Gispin & Suresh

who left us on 16/7/03 & 17/7/03 respectively



         What is a friend?

             A single soul dwelling in two bodies - Aristotle

About My Friends, I need to confess first that I have only a few Friends. Might be due to my odd character, I hesitate to maintain much friendships. But, there are many sincere friends even from my childhood onwards, I still care to maintain due to the deep affection accredited from my inner mind.

There are many friends influenced me for the present career. I have to quote first among them as my classmate Vasavan.N. We were classmates not only for the Engineering, but for Pre-degree also. I am not sure whether we were so stronger during the college. But, after college he helped and influenced me and because of that only, I am in the present stature. Now he is working as the Assistant Executive Engineer in KSEB.

I remember here my pre-degree classmate Rajeev from Muttara, Kottarakkara. We were keeping our friendship even after the college for years, but somehow it was lost. I remember he was selected to the Defense Service.

Let me quote some of my intimate friends here!



He is now working as the Executive Engineer in Kerala State Electricity Board. We were classmates for Pre-Degree & Engineering. I must say him as the only person influenced me for this career. He is settled in Pala, Kottayam District. We have regular family visits. His wife's name is Honey & 2 kids Hari & Gopika.

Vasavan has a bold and rough character, still I like it.


Prof.Dr.Radhakrishna Pillai.R

We are really neighbours. Still, we became close friends only after our 10th standard. When ever he went away for higher studies or employment, for very season, he was updating our friendship through Greetings!

He is the Professor in the Department of Information Technology and Systems Area of Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode. He is staying there with his family. He is a strong disciple of Brahma Kumaris Spiritual team. Read more about him.....




He is my childhood friend. Though senior to me, I must say him as a sincere friend of native even now. Now is he working in Kuwait along with family. Whenever he comes on leave, we meet. He is having two boys.


Rajiv Krishnankutty

I worked with Rajiv in the Office of the Chief Electrical Inspector, Thiruvananthapuram. The friendship started from that stage, about 20 years back is still strong & sincere.



Suresh.C.G was my Department colleague. Though, we worked together in a single office, the bond of our friendship is so strong. He settled in Wayanad. We keep updated every news in between.  

Dr.GRadhakrishna Prabhu

He was my M.Tech classmate.

Data will be added soon.

Now he is working in Robert Gordon University, UK. He is the inventor of  Optically detectable security feature.

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