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Electrical Inspector (Retired)

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Kerala, India.

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Qualified & experienced professional with over 28 years of proven experience in Electrical Designs of High Rise Buildings, Factories, etc. Well updated with the standards of transformer, generator, lift, high voltage neon board & medical equipment installations. Handle Autocad Drafting and scrutiny of these installations.

Qualified in Opto-Electronics & Laser Technology. Updating with the latest trends in the field of Photonics. Interested with the energy conservation possibilities by linking the technologies of Electrical, Electronics, Computer and Photonics. Keeping updated with the innovative Semiconductor Lighting, through which a transformation will happen by replacement of the conventional lamps with semiconductor light sources. Also, with the Organic LEDs and Optical Computers which will replace the conventional items in the near future.


A dedicated team leader, who can bring to your business: additional professionalism, passion, productive ideas, enthusiasm and out of the box thinking packed with practical work experience. Also a trustworthy colleague capable of dealing with constant challenges and leading change.

Career Objective To secure a challenging position in a progressive organization which can utilize my skills and offer me opportunities for advancement.

To be flexible and adapt to the circumstances.

To remain unperturbed and composed under pressure.

To lead a group in an efficient and organized manner.

To execute the task undertaken with full responsibility and complete it within the stipulated time.

To always remain in harmony with my co-workers and promote healthy relationships with each other.



Bachelor of Technology - Electrical Engineering (B.Tech.)
Branch of Specialisation


Electrical Engineering      
University : Kerala      
Electives :

1. Advanced Numerical Techniques

2. Digital Instrumentation & Tele-metering
Project work done : Thyristor controlled DC Drive.      
Year of passing : 1987 March      


Master of Technology - Opto Electronics & Laser Technology (M.Tech) 

Branch of Specialisation : Opto-Electronics & Laser Technology  
University : Cochin University of Science & Technology  
Seminar conducted : Optical Computers  
Year of passing : 1992 November  
Project work done : Fabrication of Optical Modulator using FLC.  
Rank : First Rank in the University  

Career Profile


Teaching Experience : 2 Years in Anjuman Engineering College, Bhatkal. Handled Electronics related subjects for the Electrical & Electronics Branch.
Present job : Retired as Electrical Inspector from the Department of Electrical Inspectorate (Govt. of Kerala) after near to 29 years of service.
Duties & Responsibilities handled in the Department.

Scrutiny of HT/EHT Electrical Schemes, approval and sanction for energisation of Transformer, Generator, High Rise Buildings,   X ray, Neon sign, Lift etc. installations.

Design of Electrical Installations

Drafting of Electrical Drawings

Electrical Inspections of Transformer, Generator, High Rise Buildings, X-ray, Neon sign, Lift etc. installations.

Electrical Accident Enquiries

Energy Auditing

Energy Management

Electrical Safety Assessments and Training

 Computerisation of the Department

Giving Computer training to the Dept. staff.

Duties & Responsibilities handled in the Meter Testing & Standards Laboratory of the Department

 Calibration of ammeter, voltmeter, ohmmeter, frequency meter, etc. under NABL direction, the Lab is being accredited.

Testing & Calibration of Energy Meters.

Testing of Instrument transformers.

Testing of Electrical Relays

Computer Skills


Operating Systems : MS-DOS, Windows-95, Windows-98, Windows-XP, Windows-7 & 8
Other softwares :

Autocad-12, 13, 14, 2000, 2002, 2004 & 2007

Adobe Pagemaker 7, D-Base-4, MS Access, Visual Basic, Photoshop 6, MS Office XP (Word, Excel, Front Page, Access, Power point)

Personal Details


Date of Birth : 17-05-1965
Nationality : Indian
Sex : Male      
Marital Status : Married      

Paper Published 

  1. Photonics for Energy Conservation� published in the Malayalam Science Magazine, Vinjana Kairali, Volume-37, Issue-12, December-2006 of Kerala Bhasha Institute

  2. �An Introduction to Electrification of High Rise Buildings� � published in the Designer+Builder Magazine, August-2010 Issue.

  3. �Home Lighting� � published in the Designer+Builder Magazine, November-2011 Issue.



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