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Sri.C.M.Stephen, was a close friend to my father, more than a leader. Hence, he influenced me in my childhood. He helped my family personally and more over through his official stand. Related with my father's job, there was a case reached even to the Supreme Court. He was attending the case without our direct presence, as an Advocate.

C.M.Stephen, a multifarious personality, occupies a prominent position in Indian politics and parliamentary affairs. A trade union leader, journalist, parliamentarian, union minister, A I C C general secretary, opposition leader of Loksabha- C.M.Stephen has proved his mark in all these fields.

He was born on December 23, 1918 to Eapen Mathai and Esther of Chembakassery house in Cherukole. Known as Thankachan, he was active in Balajanasaghyam fright from school days. This helped him develop leader ship quality, oratory and organizing skill. In a function attended by T.M.Varghese, he made a speech which turned to be a turning point in his life. P.C.Koruthu of Malayalamanorama wrote an article on Stephen ' Bala vagmi'( The child orator ), thus introducing him to the readers. After completing B L, Stephen, started his career as a jounalist in a monthly of News  Book Company and then in Financial News. Gradually he became the owner of 'Pouraprabha' an evening daily. Through this daily he supported the Congress Government, attacking the rule of C.P.Ramaswamy Iyyer. In 1949, he gave up his career as a journalist and started practising law. In 1951, he joined active politics and in the same year became the D C C president of Kollam. Kollam congress bhavan is a result of his hard work. He was totally against mixing politics with religion.

C.M.Stephen was also the founder of I N T U C. In 1960, 65 and 71 he won elections. He played an important role in strengthening the Congress party in Kerala. In 1978 January 2 , Congress split into two. C.M.Stephen joined Indira Congress. It was during this time that he became the leader of opposition in the Loksabha- the second malayalee to be so after A K G. In 1980, when Indira Gandhi came back to power Stephen became the cabinet minister in Information and broadcasting. Later he moved to Postal and Telegraph department. He became A I C C General secretary in 1982. In 1984 January 16th he passed away. Rajiv Gandhi visited Mavelikara to pay homage to the departed leader.

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