Frequently Asked Questions (General)
As an Electrical Engineer, what you suggest in purchasing an Electric Scooter?

An Electrical scooter is mainly having an Electric Motor, an Electronic Controller and a Battery. Usually the battery is of 48V, comprising 4Nos. of 12V batteries. Through a charging unit, it may take around 8 hours for fully charging it. For full charge it may take 1-2 unit of electricity.  Using a fully charged battery, the scooter can travel a maximum of 50km, if it is in good condition.

Regarding the technology applied for the electric scooter, I am fully satisfied. But, I can't suggest you to purchase one atleast for the time being. You may wait until a good modern service station comes to your locality with facilities to repair the motor, controller, battery and the charging unit. Don't fall into unnecessary promises, untill you are fully convinced.

As you are concentrated to the technologies of Electrical Engineering and Photonics, what  type of broadband internet connection will be suggested, in safety aspects?

Always I suggest the broadband connections in optical signal form, to the nearest of your house. There will be a control unit, which will convert the optical signal to electrical signal and through the cable it reaches to your computer system. The length of the electrical signal carrying cable shall be to its minimum, so that lightning strokes could be minimum affecting your system.

How to clean a CDV or CD Disc?

Wipe the disc surface in a non-radial back-and-forth motion (from the center hole to the outer edge). Don't follow the concentric circles while cleaning. Read more.....

How the starting current of motor reaches high?

At the time of starting of motors, the back emf is nearly zero, so there is no opposing voltage. So at the time of starting the current is more. Later when the speed is builds up, back emf develops, the current become low.

How to prevent Firefox in blocking popups?

Go to Tools---> Options ---> Content ---> Delete tick for "Block pop-up windows. Or add, the website to be opened without popup blocking action, add the exact web address in "Exceptions.

Frequently Asked Questions (Technical)
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