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Income Tax Calculation Sheet
Service Matters
Government Orders
Court Orders
Frequently Asked Questions (Technical) Check Lists
IS Amendments
Books/Brochures/Data Sheets
Application Forms
Rules & Acts

Income Tax Calculation Sheet


Income Tax calculation sheet and Forms - 16 for 2020-21


Income Tax calculation sheet and Forms - 16 for 2019-20


Income Tax calculation sheet and Forms - 16 for 2018-19



Specification for electric passenger and Goods Lifts


Guidelines for scrutiny of schemes


Guidelines for installation of Diesel Generator Sets with AMF Panel


Guidelines for scrutiny of schemes pertaining High Rise Buildings


Guidelines for Cinema Scheme approval


Regarding Field Inspections


Electrical Installations Standards ..... Instruction issued


Electric Connection to High Rise Buildings


Fee for addition/alterations, Transformer capacity, etc.


Dry Type transformers in residential/commercial buildings, etc.


Quality Control of Electrical Goods - GO(Kerala) Appointing CEI


Guidelines to Unitised Substations


Dry Type/Indoor/Outdoor transformers in residential/commercial buildings


Installation of Transformer/Unitised Substations at floors above ground


Quality Control of Electrical Goods - GO(Kerala)


Rule 3 Authorised Persons for Electrical Installations


Change of contractor after issue of approval


Installation of Generator above Ground level


XLPE Cable, Current Limiting type MCCB, Microprocessor based ACB, etc.


Supports of High Voltage and Extra High Voltage overhead lines


Mobile/Wireless Phone Services at HT/Highrise Building premises


Inspection of Distribution System


Nomination under Kerala Cinema (Regulation) Rules 1988


Delegation of powers under Quality Control Order 1981


Sanction for energisation of temporary installation


Covered Aluminium/GI as earthing conductor


Nomination under Kerala Cinema (Regulation) Rules 1988


Reports from District Offices


General guidelines for Scrutiny and Inspection


Temporary installations, those need not be inspected


Approval and Inspection of Electrical Installations - Role of Supervisor


Single window clearance for Tourism Projects


Additional Guidelines for Scheme Scrutiny, Approval & Sanctioning


Guidelines  for transformer installation to high rise & non-high rise buildings


More Guidelines for X-ray Installations


Guidelines for Cable TV Inspections/Fee Collection


Line Clearance Sanction - as per CEA Regulation


No objection certificate from previous contractor


Restriction to Generator Installation above Ground level

(Click HERE to get the related court order)


Guidelines for installation of Electric Fence Energiser            Government Order


Power Delegation of AEIs & DEIs


Mobile Towers - Permission from Local Authorities


Technical directions given during EIs' meeting held on 09/08/12


Accident Report Format


Installation of Solar Energy System - guide lines


Quality Control Implementation - guide lines


Quality Control Implementation - inspection guide lines


Guidelines for Solar Installations


Guidelines for Solar Installations -1

Revised Guidelines for Solar Installations

Lift Inspection and License - Guidelines

Lift License (Lapsed) Renewal Fee

Fee for Department Functions Related

Inspection Fee Government Order GO Clarification 
EIs' Zonal Conference -  Minutes































Cable TV   GO  Circular1 Circular2



Check Lists 


Transformers ( General Checks )


Periodical Inspection of EHT sub-stations


Protective Earthing


Scrutiny of EHT / HT Installation




High Rise Building


Initial Inspection 


MV Installations




Neon Sign




Cable TV





Lift Forms


Accident Report Format


Performance Appraisal (Confidential Report) - Form II(B)


Regulation-3 Authorisation


District Audit - Technical


Generator Supply Sharing Agreement


Proforma (Questionaire) to be attached scheme


Declaration to be attached with scheme


Completion Report-1


Completion Report-2


Building-Line Clearance Agreement



Office wise


Officer wise

IS Amendments


Lift Safety Rules - IS Amendment

Books/Brochures/Data Sheets


Electricity Duty Audit Manual


Electrical Safety Hand Book


Electrical Safety Brochure


Electrical Inspectorate Citizen Charterl


Safety Code X-ray Equipments


Location and Requirement of Substation as per NBC, 2005



Application Forms




Supervisor Exam .


Wireman Exam.


Cinema Exam.


New Licence


Contractor Class - A


Contractor Class - B


Contractor Class - C


Contractor Licence for KSEB/Licensee contract workers only


Electricity Worker Permit




Supervisor/Wireman Permit


Contractor Class - A & B


Contractor Class - C


Scope Revision


Supervisor Permit








Duplicate Permit/Certificate/Licence




Cinema Operator apprentice registration



Rules & Acts


Electricity Rules, 2005


Kerala Electricity Supply Code, 2005 (With Amendments)


Electrical Wires, Cables, Appliances and Protection Devices and Accessories (Quality Control) Order, 2005


Electrical Wires, Cables, Appliances and Protection Devices and Accessories (Quality Control) Order, 2003


The Kerala State Electricity surcharge (levy and collection) Rules,1992


The Kerala State Electricity surcharge (levy and collection) Act,1989


Kerala Electricity Duty Act, 1963


Kerala Electricity Duty Rules, 1963


CEA (Technical Standards for Connectivity of the Grid) Regulations, 2007


CERC (Terms and Conditions of Tariff) Regulations, 2009


CEA (Installation and Operation of Meters) Regulations, 2006 (with amendments)


Qualifications, Powers and Functions of Chief Electrical Inspector and Electrical Inspectors Rules, 2006


Intimation of Accidents (Form and Time of service of Notice) Rules, 2004


CEA (Measures relating to Safety and Electric Supply) Regulations, 2010 (with amendments, 2015 & 2018)


Comparative study Rule to Regulation Table (connected with our Dept. functions)


Comparative study Rule to Regulation Table (full)


The Kerala Electricity (Intimation of Accidents) Rules, 2005


Accident Reporting Form-A (involving human beings)


Accident Reporting Form-B (involving animals)


The Kerala Lifts & Escalators Ordinance, 2012


The Kerala Lifts & Escalators Rules, 2012


Kerala Small Hydro Power Policy, 2012


The Kerala Lifts & Escalators Act, 2013


Kerala Solar Energy Policy, 2013


Solar Power Plant  - General Directions from Power Department,  2013


CEA (Technical Standards for Connectivity of the Distributed Generation Resources), Regulations, 2013


Kerala Electricity Supply Code, 2014


Kerala Right to Service Act, 2012 (for Electrical Inspectorate functions)


KSERC (Grid Interactive Distributed Solar Energy Systems), Regulations, 2014


The Electricity (Karnataka Amendment) Act, 2013


Service Matters
  Pay Revision Order, 2010 G.O/(P) No.  85/2011/Fin  dated, 26/02/2011
  Electrical Inspectorate in Pay Commission Report, 2010
  Pay Commission Report, 2010
  Electrical Inspectorate Technical Service (Amendment) Rules, 2005
  Distribution AEIs - G.O (MS) No. 13/2000/PD Thiruvananthapuram dtd 17/5/2000
  The Kerala Electrical Inspectorate Subordinate Service, 1982

Government Orders


 Kerala State notification (dated 28/01/2017) under regns. 30, 32, 36 & 43 of CEA (MRSE) Regns, 2010.


 CEI as Member of Solar Energy Policy State Level Empowered Committee, 2014


 Non cadre promotion of Deputy Electrical Inspectors as Electrical Inspector, 2014


Electric fences - prior authorisation from Department of Electrical Inspectorate.


Kerala State notification under regns. 30, 32, 36 & 43 of CEA (MRSE) Regns, 2010.


Kerala Chief Electrical Inspector and Electrical Inspector (Powers and Functions) Rules, 2013

Creation of two Deputy Chief Electrical Inspectors, one Junior Superintendent , etc.

Energisation of Electric Fences - Authorisation from Electrical Inspectorate


Inspection Fee - Old


Inspection Fee - Old


Inspection Fee - Existing


Cable TV


Constitution of State & District Level Accident Committees


BSNL installations need not be inspected by State Electrical Inspectorates


Implementing Malayalam Computing in Government Offices


Pay Revision Order, 2006


India Government Gazette notification - Quality Control - S-165(E) Dated 05-02-2004


Accident Reports - direction from Government


Service Charge - 5%



Court Orders
  Court order - Generator installations


  Foundation Earth Electrodes - a short note
  File Disposal



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